What Causes Limescale in a Hot Tub?

Limescale is the bane of any hot tub owner’s life. Even if you don’t own a tub you’ll find it on your taps, in your toilet, your kettle, the list feels a bit endless. You will spend your days searching the shelves for the perfect cleaning solution and your evenings scrubbing tirelessly. 


So What is Limescale?

Limescale is a chalky build up consisting of calcium carbonate. It is unsightly and often difficult to clean, and truly, it is the enemy in most households. Essentially, it is hard water deposits and it attaches itself to surfaces that water is in contact with, in this case, your beloved hot tub. 


What Does it Look Like?

Limescale can form as flaky chunks in the hot tub water (like you might see in your kettle), or over time it can build up on the surfaces and even begin to damage components. It may even put you off enjoying a relaxing soak, and you didn’t invest in a spa for it to become abandoned. 


What Causes Limescale? 

A buildup of calcium and magnesium minerals in hard water causes limescale. Hard water contains a higher mineral content and so it is left behind when the water evaporates. Interestingly (and unfortunately) different areas of the UK have harder water than others. The South East of England and London have primarily high water hardness levels. Whereas, Scotland, Ireland and Wales mostly have soft water. 

If you want to find out more about the water in your area, you can visit your local water suppliers website, where you will find how hard the water is in your area. 


How Can I Get Rid of The Limescale?

If the limescale is mild, you should be able to use a hot tub scale remover and clean the scaling off. Make sure that the tub is off and be careful not to spill any of the cleaning products into the water, as if you soak in these products it could cause irritation. 

If limescale is a bigger issue in your tub with a heavy buildup (and a lot is below the waterline) then you will need to drain the spa before you begin the cleaning process. 

We have a range of cleaning products you can use, including the Beach Ball Scum Sponge, the Tub Scrubber, the DuraMitt and the Life Spa Brush. After this, your hot tub will be sparkling once again!


How Can I Prevent Limescale?

They say prevention is better than cure, and although often limescale is inevitable, you can follow a few steps to avoid it. 

First of all, always make sure you shower and rinse before use. You would do this in the local swimming pool, so don’t forget this in your own garden! We would also recommend avoiding wearing fake tan and rinsing your bathing costumes after machine washing or having a separate bathing costume for the spa only. Make sure you rinse this with warm water. This is because the foam can cause scum build up on the waterline. 

We even stock Fi-Clor Spa Anti Scale which prevents stain and scale forming in your spa from hard water or mineral-rich areas. Using a dose of this every time freshwater is introduced to your spa prevents scale and facilitates the cleaning of vulnerable areas. 

And a few last reminders… check the water on a regular basis, ensuring it is balanced using one of our water testing kits. Make sure you are cleaning your filter at least once a month (or more often if you use the tub regularly!) and take the time to drain your spa every few months for a thorough clean. If you follow these steps, you will avoid a build-up of limescale and once again find yourself worry-free soaking in your spa. 


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