Exploring the Benefits of Rotomolded Hot Tubs

Exploring the Benefits of Rotomolded Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are well known for the relaxation and luxury they offer, but not all Hot Tubs are created equal or even manufactured in the same way.

When most people think of a Hot Tub they picture the classic Acrylic Spa, but there is another type of Hot Tub that has gained popularity in recent years for its combination of durability and price, the Rotomolded Hot Tub.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of Rotomolded Hot Tubs and why they are considered the strongest type of Hot Tub.

Tuff Spa in a garden

What is a Rotomolded Hot Tub?

A Rotomolded Hot Tub is a hot tub that’s manufactured in a specific way, it’s Rotomolded.

During the manufacturing process, Polyethylene powder is melted and rotated in a mould to evenly distribute the melted plastic. This creates a solid one-piece seamless Hot Tub.

While not all Rotomolded Hot Tubs are built to the same standard, they are fully capable of having all the features of an Acrylic Spa.

Tuff Spas shells
Tuff Spas being made
Tuff Spas Powder

Advantages of Rotomolded Hot Tubs

Exceptional Durability

The key advantage of a Rotomolded Spa is their exceptional durability, this is where Rotomolded Hot Tubs excel as the strongest type of Spa on the market. Because Rotomolded Hot Tubs are made from high-density polyethylene they incredibly durable, resistant to impact, cracking, and warping. A Rotomolded Hot Tub can withstand years of use without losing its structural integrity.

Lightweight construction

Not only are they strong, Rotomolded Spas have a lightweight construction. Unlike other types of Spa which can be heavy and difficult to move, Rotomolds are lightweight and portable. The lightweight design means that they can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including decking and patios without a solid concrete base, and can be relocated from time to time.


While Rotomolded Hot Tubs offer durability and luxury, they are also known for their cost-effectiveness. Compared to other types of Hot Tubs, such as Acrylic or Wooden Spas, Rotomolded Hot Tubs are generally more affordable. This is due to the manufacturing process, which is less expensive than other methods used to produce Spas.

Feature packed

While rotomolded hot tubs are known for their durability, they do not compromise on luxury features. Manufacturers like Tuff Spas have recognised the demand for a combination of durability and luxury, and as a result some many now come equipped desirable features like hydrotherapy jets and lighting.

Disadvantages of Rotomolded Hot Tubs

The list of advantages for buying a Rotomolded Hot Tub is high, but are there any disadvantages?

The only real disadvantage to a Rotomolded Hot Tub is that some people don’t consider them as attractive as Acrylic Spa’s, however, in recent years, leading Rotomolded Hot Tub manufactures like Tuff Spas are changing this so you can have all the benefits of An Acrylic Spa in an aesthetically pleasing shell.

Comparing Rotomolded to Other Types of Hot Tub

So how do Rotomolded Hot Tubs compare against other types of Spa? let’s have a look.

Acrylic Hot Tubs.

When most people think of a Hot Tub they think of an Acrylic Spa known for their sleek looks and luxury features. The only real difference between an Acrylic Hot Tub and a Rotomolded Hot tub is the appearance due to the manufacturing process. Rotomolded Hot Tubs aren’t as sleek and shiny, but they are more durable, lighter, and like for like cheaper.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

The upfront cost of an inflatable Hot Tub is considerably less than any other type of Spa. The downside to this is they are by far the most expensive Hot Tubs to run and have far fewer features if any. A Rotomolded Hot Tub will be much cheaper to run, give a far better Spa experience, and last immeasurably longer.

Wooden Hot Tubs

Known for their rustic looks, Wooden Hot tubs are popular in off grid destinations, despite the lack of features, temperature control, and more often than not lack of HSG 282 compliance. Rotomolded Hot Tubs offer everything they don’t including full HSG 282 compliance in many models, ideal for Holiday Lets.

Are Rotomolded Hot Tubs good for Holiday Lets?

Rotomolded Hot Tubs are the ideal Hot Tubs for Holiday Lets and other business use. They can offer all the function of an Acrylic Spa with the addition benefit of the exceptional durability. Tuff Spas even go one step further with the patented Tuff Top lid made from the same polyethylene material as the rest of the spa, complete with a lifetime warranty and the ability to hold up to 500 kg, so you’ll never need to replace your lid.


Rotomolded Hot Tubs offer a unique combination of durability, luxury, and cost effectiveness that make them an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing and long-lasting Hot Tub experience. Perfect for Holiday lets or private homes, with their exceptional durability, Rotomolded Hot Tubs can withstand years of use without losing their structural integrity.

With a Rotomolded you can trust that your Hot Tub will remain in pristine condition and withstand the test of time.


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