How to Install a Hot Tub?

Many of us have dreamed of owning our own relaxing spa. Taking a dip at the end of a long day, partying with friends on the weekend, or just spending quality time with family. 

However, before the enjoyment can begin the hot tub will need to be installed correctly, which to the average joe can be slightly unnerving. That is why we are here to help. 

Lucky for you, 1 Stop Spas provide a range of services to get your new hot tub in place and working properly. This includes base-laying, delivery, installation and electrical work. We can also help with landscaping and decking to complement your new hot tub, creating the perfect environment. Of course, you will need to prepare for the installation, let’s get into how you can do this. 


Spa Location

The first step you need to take as a customer is to choose your spa location. Okay, so this might seem obvious, but it does need some serious consideration. 


You will need to take into account a few factors. First, privacy. Do you want the whole street peering from their windows whilst you unwind? Probably not. Is there a more secluded area of your garden? You should consider using this space for your tub. 


What about distance? If your spa is at the opposite end of your garden, what is the likelihood you will make the cold walk down there on a winter’s night? A lot less than if it’s close to your home! If your spa is close by, it will be easier to access and you are more likely to use it. If kids are using the spa, you probably want it to be in view so you can keep an eye on them. You can also nip in and out of your home for drinks, snacks, toilet breaks – perfect for when you have guests over. 


Our tubs are built to stand the test of time, many lasting over a decade. You will want to make sure that you are happy to soak in this space for a very long time. If there is a spot in your garden with a nice view, somewhere you feel particularly relaxed, then choose that location for years of enjoyment. 

Delivery Access

Because of their size and weight, access is an important factor when 1 Stop is delivering your hot tub, so it is important to check access routes for obstacles such as pipes, overhead wires, steps, slopes, gravel and tight corners. You can take this into account when choosing your spa location. 

Solid Hot Tub Base

Once you have decided on the spot for your hot tub, you will need to prepare a base. This is a service we offer at 1 Stop Spas, reducing your stress immediately. Our team provides professional landscaping and base laying services to ensure your spa is sited beautifully. 

Hot tubs on their own are heavy items, so when you fill the tub with water and people – that is going to be some serious weight on your garden. The location of your hot tub must be able to support this, which is why you need a solid hot tub base. The base needs to be level and may look better sunken rather than on top of the base, this is something that you can discuss with us. 

Electrical Installation 

It is a misconception that you need a constant water supply to your spa, you don’t. But, you do need a suitable electrical supply. The first thing to note is, do not attempt to install hot tub electrics by yourself – unless you are qualified! Our team are fully qualified and can take care of the electrical work for you, making sure your spa is installed safely and in line with current regulations. Alternatively, if you have a chosen electrician, check their qualifications and we will liaise with them regarding the spa specifications and subsequent electrical requirements. 

Now that we have discussed the key elements of hot tub installation, here are a few extra important details. As we mentioned in step 1, delivery access is paramount. If access to your garden is restricted then we may have to use a crane to install the tub. This is more often the case in terraced housing, where it is difficult to reach the garden. For further advice on this, you can call us to discuss any concerns. 

Once we have delivered the tub to your chosen location, filled it with water and safely installed the electrics, we will check that your tub is fully operational. And voila, your dreams have become a reality! Installing a hot tub may initially seem daunting, but hopefully, this short guide has shown you that 1 Stop Spas take the stress and worry away, leaving you with all the exciting bits, like grabbing a beer and soaking in the sun.



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