O-Care Water Conditioner

O-Care is a revolutionary advanced water treatment for Hot Tubs & Swimspas for both normal domestic use and business-use (e.g. Holiday Lets etc…).

O-Care does not replace your basic water treastments which are of course, are essential to keeping your bathing water balanced and bacteria-free, but good water conditioners such as O-Care can radically reduce the amount of harsh chemicals you have to put into your Spa and also reduce the amount you spend on regular chemicals like chlorine, bromine, shocks & clarifiers which can prove costly and can deteriate your spa more rapidly.

O-Care is made from natural minerals and salts, so is Safe to use and is a great solution if you or any of your family members suffer from dry, sensitive skin or have skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis etc…

O-Care is Soft on your skin and gentle to your spa. O-Care softens the feel of water, particulary in Hard-Water areas such as Lincolnshire & the East of England, providing a much softer bathing experience.

Proven to clean greases, oils and scales out from bacteria-harboring pipework, heaters, pumps and other equipment which can be breeding grounds for all bacterias including Legionella and Psduomonas.A, which consume sanitisers such as Chlorine & Bromine. O-Care works by breaking down the breeding grounds for bacteria and removing biofilms in the pipework and the food source (such as bather waste, scale and amoeba) that bacteria feeds on, therefore, controlling microbial growth, greatly reducing the reliance and consumption of expensive sanitisers such as Chlorine & Bromine saving on average 80% on Chlorine/Bromine costs whilst also maintaining a more stable pH, meaning less chemical balancing is required.

O-Care is Simple to use. Just a single dose of the same amount is applied weekly (after doing your usual essential testing of sanitiser & pH levels) and O-Care then does the hard work for you. Dose rate is provided within the instructions and the dose rate is dependant on your spa’s water capacity.




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