Top Benefits of a Hot Tub in 2021

Many people don’t think of all the health benefits a hot tub can bring when they first buy one, but your hot tub experience can go beyond just a relaxing soak! Read on to find out exactly how a daily dip in your hot tub can boost your physical and mental wellbeing.


Improves Sleep

High quality sleep is key to maintaining normal physical health. Without it, we become more at risk of higher stress levels, poorer ability to focus and more susceptible to problems with our mental health. 

There are several factors in modern life that have a negative impact on our sleep quality, including too much time spent looking at screens, looking after children, medical conditions and work-related stress, particularly since we’ve all been working from home more. Over time, these can all start to cause a chronic lack of sleep. 

The great thing about hot tubs is that because they’re so warm, they raise our internal body temperatures and once we get out, the cooling of our bodies makes us naturally tired as a result! If you struggle getting to sleep, or suffer from interrupted sleep, then we’d recommend spending 20 minutes in a hot tub an hour before bed to benefit from this effect.


Minimise Chronic Pains

The effects of hydrotherapy can be particularly beneficial to those who suffer from chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. 

Hydrotherapy treatment has been shown to reduce symptoms for people living with chronic pain, meaning a daily soak in your hot tub can be a great way of improving your quality of life. 

The hot water and massaging jets help to relax tense joints and tendons, as well as improving circulation around our bodies, which in turn reduces inflammation. 


Alleviate Muscle Tension 

Hit the gym often? Similar to the relief from chronic pains, hydrotherapy is also an effective treatment for soothing sore muscles and has been proven to speed up recovery rates and reduce fatigue. 

A 20 minute soak in a hot tub either after a gym session or at the end of the day is the perfect way to relax your muscles, increase circulation as well as getting an added endorphin boost. 


Reduce Stress & Boost Mental Health

One of the best ways of relieving stress is to relax both your body and mind, so the soothing effects from warm water and massage jets should do the trick! 

There are several ways to enhance the stress-boosting effects while you’re in a hot tub including:

  • Aromatherapy: We offer aromatherapy crystals in a range of scents to boost your hot tub experience. Try the Spazazz Stress Therapy Crystals to get you in a relaxed state of mind.    
  • Lighting: For relaxation, a darker surrounding is the most effective, so use your hot tub in the evening for the best results. Decorate your garden with fairy lights to add to the atmosphere!
  • Soothing music: If you don’t like relaxing in complete silence, pick a playlist with calming songs to enjoy during your soak.
  • Guided meditation: Meditation is highly effective in the relief of stress, anxiety and depression, so listening to some guided meditation whilst in your hot tub can really benefit your mind and body.


Quality Time with the People You Love

We get so caught up in our work, household chores and social media scrolling that we forget to spend time with the most important people in our lives. Be it family or friends, spending time in a hot tub is a great way to switch off from everyday life and focus on catching up with loved ones.



While sitting in a hot tub could never (and shouldn’t!) replace exercise, regular hot tub sessions of between 30 minutes to an hour can produce the same benefits and results as light exercise due to similar increases in heart rate and body temperature. This makes hot tubs ideal for people who struggle to exercise such as the elderly or those with certain medical conditions.

You can also try exercises like light stretching and yoga in your hot tub for a new exercising experience!

Hot tubs are beneficial to our physical and mental health in so many ways, and soaking for between 20-30 minutes every day has proven to help with all of the above, so what are you waiting for? Get soaking!


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