Why Tuff Spas Are The Ultimate Hot Tubs For Holiday Lets

Why Tuff Spas Are The Ultimate Hot Tubs For Holiday Lets

Investing in a Hot Tub for your holiday let is one of the best ways to increase revenue but can take a considerable amount of time, resources, and financial outlay so It’s important to make sure you get the right Hot Tub.

We don’t simply say that Tuff Spas are the best Holiday Let Hot Tubs, we show you why they are by breaking down all the reasons and specific features, explaining why they’re so important in a business setting.

There’s many things to consider such as running costs, durability, compliance to health and safety, and that’s before you even start looking at specific models and features.

Lets get started and jump right into it and show you why Tuff Spas are the Ultimate Hot Tubs.

Reason 1 - Tuff Tops

The first thing people comment on when they see a Tuff spa is the Tuff Top lid. If you’ve already owned or worked with a Hot Tub on a Holiday Let, you will know how quickly traditional vinyl lids can need replacing. We frequently have customers coming to us who are having to replace a traditional Hot Tub covers twice a year or more and at cost of around £500 a time, it can cut into profits very quickly. With a Tuff Spa you will never need to replace a Hot Tub cover again!

Tuff Spas have a patented, Tuff Top lid that’s you can’t get on any other Hot Tub. They can easily be operated by one person but are still super strong and can take 500 kg of weight. Not only are they the most durable covers on the market, due to the perfect fit, seals, and insulation, they keep heat from escaping and cold air from getting in, so your running costs stay down.

They even come with a lifetime warranty, not that you need it.

Tuff Spa lid fit

They’re A Perfect Fit

Tuff Spa lid seal

Sealed To Stop Heat Escaping

Tuff Spa lid designed for the water to run off

Water Just Drains Away

Tuff Spa Hot Tubs Tuff Top lid being insulated

Fully Insulated

Reason 2 - Super Strong Rotomolded

Tuff Spas are manufactured differently from most other Hot Tubs, they’re Rotomoulded.

Rotomolded Hot Tubs offer several advantages that set them apart from other types of Spas. One of the key advantages is their exceptional durability and this is where Rotomolded Hot Tubs excel as the strongest type of Spa on the market. Rotomolded Hot Tubs are made from a high-density polyethylene material that is incredibly durable. During the manufacturing process, Polyethylene powder is melted and rotated in a mould to evenly distribute the melted plastic. This creates a solid one- piece seamless Hot Tub that is resistant to impact, cracking, and warping. A Rotomolded Hot Tub can withstand years of use without losing its structural integrity.

Not only are they strong, Rotomolded Spas have a lightweight construction. Unlike Acrylic Hot Tubs, which can be heavy and difficult to move, Rotomolds are lightweight and portable. The lightweight design means that they can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including decking and patios without a solid concrete base.

With Rotomolded you can trust that your Hot Tub will withstand even the rowdiest of guests and pass the test of time.

Tuff Spas shells
Tuff Spas being made

Reason 3 - HSG282 Compliant

Holiday lets with Hot Tubs present a unique set of challenges for owners. One such challenge is ensuring that their Hot Tubs comply with the Health and Safety Executive’s guideline HSG 282

Worrying there is a lot of miss-information and unsubstantiated claims relating to HSG 282, often from unscrupulous Hot Tub businesses trying to pass of Hot Tubs as HSG 282 compliant that clearly aren’t.

All Tuff Spas are designed in the UK to exceed HSG282 regulations.

Unlike other manufacturers we don’t just make claims, we’ve put together an in-depth article and quoted directly from HSG 282 so you can be assured that you’re getting the right information and staying compliant.

Tuff Spa Hot Tub on a holiday let at sunset

Removable Insulation

No Deadlegs

Filters all water in under 15 mins

Over 250 Litres Per Bather

Removable Headrests

In-Line Filter

Reason 4 - Energy Efficient And Green

Energy efficient features & earth friendly manufacturing process.

  • Industry leading insulation reduces energy use and running costs
  • All waste and trim pieces are recycled and reused

  • Lifetime warranty on the shell that will not end up in a landfill
  • No volatile organic compounds like other spas

  • No resin blown in manufacturing like other spas

  • Fewer emissions in manufacturing than other spas

  • One piece, heat-retaining shell improves energy efficiency

  • Hard-top cover with industrial gasket seals preventing heat loss
  • Made using natural gas, which is the cleanest burning fuel

  • Material is recyclable

  • No Fiberglass blown, unlike other spas
Tuff Spa Hot Tub with a sunset view

Reason 5 - Fast Draining

Emptying a Hot Tub can be a lengthy process and, on a Holiday let it needs to be done between every set of guests for HSG 282 compliance.

To make life easier, every Tuff Spa has an ultra-fast 1.5” quick drain fitted in the bottom of each Hot Tub that speeds up change over times.

Tuff Spas Hot Tub with quick drain

Reason 6 - The Same Filter

If you have several Hot Tubs on site you will know the hassle it can be when it comes to changing filters. Making sure you have the right one for each model can be a real pain.

It doesn’t need to be troublesome though as every Hot Tub in the Tuff Spa range now has the same filter to make things much simpler.

The same filter on all Tuff Spa models

Reason 11 - Removable Insulation

The importance of Hot Tub insulation to reduce energy consumption is well documented, but for business use it needs to go a step further, for maintenance and HSG282 compliance, it needs to be fully removable. 

Tuff Spas insulation is also made from recycled denim and foil – super energy efficient and really easy to remove and replace when it’s time to service the Hot Tub.

Tuff Spas insulation

Reason 8 - Large Single Access Hole

All models come with large access panels on each side of the spa which allows for easy access to the Spas equipment, including the pump, heater, plumbing, jets, and electrics. This makes any maintenance on the Hot Tub simple and easy.

Reason 9 - Heat Pump Ready

With quick turnaround times of guests, it can be a challenge to get the Hot Tubs temperature back up after a water change, but not with a Hot Tub heat pump. Every Tuff Spas model has pipework that is designed so it’s easy to have a Hot Tub heat pump fitted. All Tuff Spas, new and old are fully compatible with this excellent money saving equipment.

Poolex Arctic action heat pump on a Tuff Spa

Reason 10 - The Brand New Model Range Covers Everything

Never a brand to be complacent and always looking for ways to improve, Tuff Spas have redesigned every model for 2024 and built the whole range from brand new moulds with improved designs and better athletics.

In addition to the TT150 with twin facing loungers, we can now offer a same direction Twin Lounger in the all new Tuff Spas TT275.

Tuff 275 Twin lounger hot tub


Tuff Spas Hot Tubs offer a unique combination of durability, luxury, and cost-effectiveness that make them an excellent choice for Holiday Lets or any other business setting. With their exceptional lids, durability, HSG282 compliance, and eco credentials, Tuff Spas can withstand years of heavy use without letting you down.

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