Hot Tub Relocation Services

Need to move your hot tub? Let the experts take care of it for you.

1 Stop Spas offers a reliable and efficient hot tub removal service, which can be tailored to meet individual needs. Our removal teams are experienced in the moving and positioning of hot tubs and will safely move your tub to its new location.

Please call 01522 300737 or complete our online form to discuss your needs.

How will you transport my hot tub?
1 Stop Spas has a fleet of vehicles and specialist trailer systems which are suitable to transport hot tubs. They are ideal for home deliveries/collections as they suit access to most houses.

How many people are needed to complete the move?
1 Stop Spas will supply 2 people with the expertise to quickly and safely move your tub.

If you think extra labour will be required to move the tub through difficult areas, then we suggest you arrange extra labour to be available on the day. We can supply extra people if requested, but this will increase the price considerably as our vehicles can only carry 2 people, so an extra vehicle would also be required.

How will my hot tub be moved?
The hot tub will be moved onto its end, and placed on a special trolley called a Spa Dolly. The tub is then wheeled out of position on the Spa Dolly and loaded onto our vehicle. After transportation the hot tub is unloaded, and wheeled into its new position on the Spa Dolly.

Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there is suitable access for the spa to be wheeled on the Spa Dolly at the removal address and the new address.

We cannot manually remove large tubs of 2.39m/8ft and over, so you will need to book a crane to lift the spa out of position and onto our vehicle. The crane would then have to lift the tub off the vehicle at the new address, and into position.

What should I consider when checking if access is suitable?
Dimensions are critical and there must be sufficient allowance for the height and width of the spa on the Spa Dolly Please remember that the tub is moved on end, so the width becomes the height, and the height becomes the width.

Ideally we require clear level access over hard ground. Soft ground, and one or two small steps can be overcome by ramping or boarding in advance. Alternatively, our drivers can bring a running board if requested.

Large steps, inclines etc. can cause problems. If you are unsure please contact 1 Stop Spas for advice. If the tub needs to be taken off the dolly to negotiate a difficult area like steps, then you may need to arrange extra labour to move the spa.

When checking the access route beware of tree and shrub branches, gate arches, low roof eaves, drain pipes, central heating flues, outside taps and overhanging power cables narrowing access. Also remember to check if there is adequate turning space in corners.


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