‘Trick or Treat’ Your Hot Tub This Halloween

It’s safe to say that 2020 is a year we will never forget.

But since the pandemic, it has helped us transform the way we spend time with the people we live with, and even the people we can’t currently see.

We are not going to have our traditional Halloween celebrations, which usually consist of happy ‘trick or treaters’ and maybe the odd Halloween party, which is why adapting and changing the way we celebrate is so important to help continually boost our mood and allow us to celebrate these amazing holidays that we have every year.

In this blog, we are going to go through some amazing ways to ‘Trick or Treat’ your hot tub and create an amazing atmosphere (with 6 people maximum of course!)

The Power of Light

Simply using LED lights in your hot tub can transform the way it looks.

For example, you could turn your LED lighting to red and turn your hot tub into a ‘blood bath massacre’ using a dark red colour also helps provide that blood-red appearance. You could also place Halloween themed decorations around your hot tub, for a real spooky effect.

(We do recommend using lighting over water dyes as it is much safer for your tub and easier to maintain.)

Another idea could be to turn your LED lighting to green and transform your luxury tub into a cauldron! Turn on your hot tub bubbles, change the lights to green and place around some decorations for an amazing effect. Your household will love it!

Move The Decorations To Your Garden

Instead of giving up on the Halloween celebrations and not having the excitement of placing the decorations outside, why not place them in your garden?

These ideas may be less serious and more on the fun side, but allowing us to not give up on the celebrations we truly look forward to every year shouldn’t be something to consider, instead adapt and create an amazing and new way to celebrate the holidays and seasons you enjoy.

If you want to add more effect to your ‘hot tub party inspired’ Halloween, then you need to make sure you decorate your garden from top to bottom!

No matter your age or love for Halloween, spend time with your loved ones and transform your garden into an amazing Halloween space that works well with your transformed tub.

With the nature around you, you can transform your garden into an amazing Halloween space.

You could hang Jack-o-Lanterns and set up electric candles around your walkway, so you have that additional light, but also stay in theme with the day.

(Please make sure you keep any electronics several feet away from your hot tub.)


To add the finishing Halloween touch to your hot tub, you need to add some amazing floatables into your water!

You could add in glow sticks and even have balloons around your hot tub. But the steal of the show is our incredibly adorable Halloween Duck Squirties.

These adorable ducks are the perfect way to finish off ‘spooking’ up your Halloween set up, this assortment includes – a pumpkin, witch, mummy, ghost, Frankenstein and Dracula. Plus, they are only 70p!

They can even work well as their own little Halloween statement away from the tub or even trick or treat toys for when we regain normality.


A fun activity you can do as a household before Halloween could be finding the perfect Halloween costume – aquatic-themed, of course!

From a mystical mermaid to the ever-famous Aquaman, including fancy dress will definitely make it a night to remember. You could even choose costumes for each other and make it a surprise reveal to each other on the day.

Halloween will not be the same this year, but you can still make it an enjoyable day to remember with the people you love in your household.

Plan this exciting day with your hot tub at hand, because no matter the weather, you can always enjoy your tub.

Stay safe this Halloween!



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