6 Hot Tub Accessory Ideas You Need

That feeling of sinking into your hot tub at the end of a long day, or the start of an exciting weekend, is there a much better feeling? We doubt it. 

This year has been a little on the different side, to say the least, and with the need to ‘stay in and stay safe’ being the catchphrase of the year, having a hot tub in your back garden to help you relax and forget about these unprecedented times we would say is a must.

But how can you upgrade your tub time? Wait… “you mean my hot tub experience can get even better?!” we hear you say, and our answer is YES! 1 Stop Spas are here to share not one, but six amazing accessories you need to enhance your hot tub. 

All of the accessories mentioned in this blog are available on our site at the time of publishing.

Number One: DryCase Waterproof Tablet Case

No one wants to miss out on their favourite TV shows, or a new video release from a much-loved YouTuber. Or, maybe you just can’t stop playing Candy Crush? – well fear not because with the DryCase Waterproof Tablet case, currently with 50% off (03/11/2020) you don’t have to put your tablet down to go in the tub; just bring it with you. 

Designed to Create a watertight vacuum seal for optimum technology protection, you don’t have to worry about your tablet getting wet. It comes with a built-in three-way headphone jack that lets you use stereo headphones and has a microphone allowing you to listen to music or watch a movie. With this case your hot tub experience is a treat for your body and eyes.

Number Two: Life Fitness Kit

This is the perfect gift for any gym lovers with a hot tub, or even a treat for yourself. Unfortunately, this year gyms have been open and then closed, opened again and reclosed and here at 1 Stop Spas we know how frustrating that can be for people who value keeping fit. That’s why we recommend the Life Fitness Kit at only £37.99! The set features a floatation exercise belt, two resistance dumbbells and two webbed exercise gloves. 

This set can help you strengthen your muscles and burn calories. For days when you want to do more than just relax in your hot tub.

Number Three: Durastep II Redwood Brown 

When it comes to going in your hot tub, we want the experience to be as easy as turning it on and getting in. 

Don’t spend your time trying to clamber over the side when you could use a set of high-quality steps to help you. We have an array of stylish steps to suit all needs on our site, but we think this Durastep II Redwood Brown would compliment an array of beautiful garden settings. So next time you’re struggling to get in or out of your hot tub, remember you don’t have to; access is made easy with one of our safe, durable and tasteful steps.

Number Four: Life Spa Glove

Whilst many of our hot tubs are low maintenance (check out the Zen Getaway Tuff Spa) we do recommend that you keep your hot tub clean for the best experience. The Life Spa Glove is only £7.50 and is made of ultra-soft microfibre, it cleans and protects without chemicals and has a comfortable elastic wristband. This product makes cleaning your tub, easy, quick and dare we say fun.

Number Five: Lifeguard Duck

Safety first as the saying goes! 

Now, we aren’t saying that Mr Duck the lifeguard here can actually help with any real-life lifeguard duties, but he does look sweet doesn’t he? On our site we have an array of duck friends, from occasion ducks such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas, to tropical ducks, sailors, surfers and so much more. This little fella is only £3.72 but we have Squirtees ducks from as little as 70p! 

How can you possibly say no to these fun hot tub accessories?

If they’re not for you, they do make perfect gifts.

Number six: Underwater Light Show

Make your hot tub experience even more magical with the Underwater Light Show. This little gadget floats on the surface of your hot tub and projects fantastic light patterns on to the bottom and sides of the tub. It has seven different light settings, so you’ll never get bored. 

It is simply powered with 3x AA batteries and has an auto shut off timer for your convenience. Bring your hot tub to life in the evening and enjoy the spectacular light show whilst you relax. Make your hot tub extra ambient, you’ll never want to get out.

So we’ve mentioned waterproof coats for your most prized technical possessions, turned your relaxation station in to an aqua aerobics class, let you know there is an easy way to get in and out of your hot tub, gave a recommendation Mrs Hinch would be proud of, introduced you to our quaking friends and gave a suggestion on how to make your hot tub the coolest around. Here at 1 Stop Spas we hope this blog has given you some inspiration on accessories you need for your hot tub or gifts for your hot tub owning loved ones.

Whilst we have only discussed six items there is a plethora of amazing accessories on our site from more practical items such as handrails to help you into your tub safely, the perfect addition to the Durastep II Redwood Brown; to more fun accessories like the DryVibes Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker, what a duo that would make teamed with the Underwater Light Show.

We hope you found this blog insightful, stay safe, relax, unwind, and enjoy your 1 Stop Spas hot tub and accessories.


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