Top Tips For Hot Tub Installation

Step 1 – Choose Your Hot Tub 

The first step in hot tub installation is choosing the right hot tub for your home. You can choose from our high-quality brands; American Whirlpool, Master Spas and Tuff Spas. You will then need to think about the type of tub you would like in regards to price, size, seating, features and appearance. From the top of the range to reconditioned and spas you can rent, there are many options to consider. 

You’ll need to measure the space in your garden to know what size tub you can fit. Then it’s time to come down to our showroom for a look around and a wet test! 

Step 2 – Choose Your Location

Deciding where your new spa will reside is a very important decision. Putting the spa far away from your house could mean you are less likely to make the cold walk down there in the winter months, it’s also further to carry your belongings back and forth. Positioning your spa closer to the house is recommended, especially if you have children who will be using the tub, so you can keep a close eye. 

Consider choosing a more secluded area if possible, with more privacy and less chance of being overlooked by the neighbours. Think about the area around your tub. Is there a more aesthetic area of the garden with a nice view? Is there a relaxing corner? Take a walk around your garden and decide on the perfect spot. 

Step 3 – Get Everything In Place

When purchasing your tub we will give you our extensive expert advice recommending the specific requirements for your tub, however, there are a few basics you will need. 

Flat/level base – On average, a 6” thick concrete base, slightly bigger than the length and width of your spa is ideal. Although depending on the filled weight of the spa, you can place your spa on a patio or deck as long as there is adequate support underneath. 

Electrical supply – Some budget hot tubs only require a standard 13 Amp outdoor socket to power them. These are referred to as ‘plug and play’ hot tubs. Your average twin pump 5-6 seat hot tub will require a 32 Amp dedicated outdoor supply including isolation switch and RCD protection. This MUST be installed by a qualified electrician prior to the spa being installed. Larger more powerful spas may need up to 40 amp supply. Swim spas have the same requirements but generally have more pumps and will require a minimum of a 32 amp supply, often 40-60 amp. 

Plumbing – there is no plumbing required as almost all spas are self-contained, however, one thing to consider is the drainage for when you empty your spa. Most spas have drains located near the base of the spa, so bear this in mind when deciding on where to locate your spa. Drain taps will have some with a thread where you can connect a hose to them to run to the nearest drain. Alternatively, we recommend purchasing a small submersible pump and lay flat hose for ease and speed.


Step 4 – Delivery

Some companies only offer ‘kerbside delivery’, we suggest avoiding this unless it’s a small portable spa. Due to the size and weight of a hot tub, you should ensure that it is delivered and installed by a professional company. Prior to delivery, we offer a free site survey of the area you would like your hot tub installed. As a basic guide, measure the width and height of the access route from the roadside and take note of the minimum measurements; this might help you decide on what spa you choose, as if a crane is required then this can be an added cost to you. 

Always consider if there are alternative options such as removing a fence panel, this should be discussed on your site survey, which is invaluable in keeping costs down and getting your dream spa into your home.

90% of swim spas will need a crane lift to install, so be sure to factor this in. Your local retailer should have some good contact with local crane companies, but always make sure the lifting company has adequate insurance!


Step 5 – Set Up

Initially, you will need to purchase steps to your spa and a good quality cover lifter to aid the lifting on and off of your cover and to preserve the life of your cover. You will also require a chemical starter kit with your spa and if you live in a hard water area, you will need to ensure you get some scale inhibitor. 

We also stock a range of other accessories such as maintenance kits, pumps and hoses, aromatherapy and other fun products. Come take a look in our showroom or browse our website to explore the options.

Finally, we are always here to help you every step of the way. If you need any advice our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy your spa!


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