Hot Tub Insurance

A hot tub or swim spa can be an expensive purchase and you may consider it to be one of your most valuable possessions. Fixed items in your garden such as patios, fences and sheds will fall under your buildings insurance, whereas movable items such as your hot tub will be covered by your contents insurance. Make sure that your insurance covers the value of your tub. You may want to increase the amount you are covered for, if this is the case you can pay extra for your existing policy, or take out specialist insurance. 

Of course at 1 Stop Spas we offer a warranty on all of our hot tubs as peace of mind. However, like any high value items, we would advise insuring your spa incase of accidental damage. With the increase of hot tub sales during the pandemic there has been a wave of insurance claims too. From theft and animal damage to accidents with lawn mowers, we have all experienced mishaps with our prized possessions. 

Alongside damages to the spa itself, there have been many insurance claims from those with clumsy hands dropping other expensive items into their tub! Most commonly mobile phones are dropped or knocked into the water, alongside watches, hearing aids, tablets and earphones to name a few. Due to the small possibility of these accidents, we strongly encourage everyone who buys one of our tubs to insure it so they can enjoy it for years to come (without the stress of ruining any other possessions!). 

Whilst having any costs covered is important, we know prevention is better than cure. So, we have come up with some steps for keeping your hot tub safe.


Take off jewellery and watches

Chemicals used in your spa in some cases can discolour or wear out your jewellery and water damage could break your watches. Alongside chemicals, tubs have high temperatures and water pressure all of which isn’t the best environment for your fine jewellery. So take off that engagement ring and your Rolex before you soak!


Put down your phone

It may be tempting to document all of your hot tub activities online but a quick snapchat isn’t worth dropping and destroying your mobile. Keep your phone away from the water (or buy one of our waterproof cases…) 


Eliminate disaster

Placing your hot tub away from any possible trees, parasols, lamp posts or general falling objects can help eliminate disaster. After a storm the last thing you want to see is a massive tree crushing your beloved spa!


Take care of accessories

Lids and accessories should be stored and used properly to avoid damage. Keep higher value accessories away from your dog or bunny rabbit, as they might get chewed!

Finally, remember to check that your contents insurance covers all of your belongings inside your house, as well as in your garden. Accidental damage insurance provides ultimate peace of mind, so make sure to add this on! Hopefully you won’t have to make an insurance claim and using our tips have managed to keep everything safe, but in the unlikely event it’s needed, at least you will be covered.


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