The Importance of Servicing Your Hot Tub

We know that your hot tub is perfect for relaxation, pain relief and just generally enjoying your life. But just how important is it to make sure that your spa is serviced regularly? As hot tub specialists, we have seen many examples of unserviced hot tubs offering a much worse experience than what they are capable of providing you. Hot tub servicing can ensure that the water in your spa stays fresh and clean, whilst the working parts in your hot tub stay at peak performance to deliver exactly what you purchased your spa for in the first place!


All hot tub manufacturers and professionals recommend draining and refilling your hot tub 3-4 times per year. Not following these recommendations could lead to:

  • Unsanitary water conditions
  • Equipment deterioration
  • Potential voiding of the warranty
  • Health problems

But What About Spa Filters?

Having a good filter is essential for catching everyday debris and dirt in your hot tub to prevent bacteria from entering. Like in the wild, flowing water is usually cleaner than still water so circulating the water through your filters will help to keep the water free of contaminants. However, this alone is not enough to keep the water conditions in your spa clean and healthy. 

Surely Using a Water Purifier Can Fix This?

Although it is a great idea to regularly use purifying cartridges from trusted brands such as FROG ®, the purpose of these is primarily to remove chlorine and other nasty chemicals from your hot tub. So although these are great for the day to day maintenance of your spa, we do not recommend you to use them as the only way of managing your water because it could still become unsanitary over time without proper servicing.

How Will Servicing Extend the Life of my Hot Tub?

By regularly servicing your hot tub, you are ensuring that it is consistently performing at the highest level it is capable of. If any minor faults are starting to develop, we can fix these to prevent them causing further damage or from escalating over time.
And in the unlikely event that there is a serious, recurring problem, your warranty would cover the necessary repair or replacement.

Why Would my Warranty Get Voided?

The warranty on hot tubs made by certain brands could be void if there is chemical damage or equipment deterioration caused to the spa without proof of sufficient servicing. So whilst the price of getting a member of our friendly repair team to fix your hot tub is very fair, we would much rather diagnose any problems during service before they start to damage your hot tub and whilst your hot tub is protected by its warranty. The amount of money that you could save from this could buy a fair few rubber ducks for your spa, to say the least!

Our Top Tips

To keep your hot tub healthy, we recommend the following things:

  • Make sure you have a good quality filter installed on your hot tub and make sure to circulate water through this regularly to combat bacteria from forming
  • Use mineral purifying cartridges so you can ensure that harmful chemicals are removed from your water
  • Service your hot tub at least 3 times a year. The other 2 tips are helpful for day to day maintenance but there is no substitute for regular servicing. This will help you to maintain the warranty on your hot tub as well as keeping the quality and lifespan at a great level.

Which Services Can 1Stop Spas Offer?

1Stop Spas can offer a number of services and service plans suited specifically to your hot tub. 

Basic Hot Tub Service
This service is if you are looking for a basic package which still takes care of the most important maintenance areas. It includes draining of the spa, cleaning your filters and cleaning the covers and pillows of your spa.

Annual Service
This service provides all the benefits of the Basic Package, plus a much more thorough inspection of all components in the hot tub to make sure it is operating at peak performance. 

Ultimate Service
The Ultimate Service offers all of the following:

  • Draining and refilling of the spa
  • Pipe flush with our bio-film spa cleaner or eco-friendly flush
  • Replacement of the filter if needed (at an additional cost)
  • Cleaning of the hot tub shell
  • Cleaning of the cabinet
  • Cleaning of the cover and pillows
  • Inspection and cleaning of all jet inserts
  • Inspection of the heater, ozonator and pumps
  • Replacement (if required) of the union o-ring and heater gaskets
  • Inspection of all hot tub wiring

Find Out More
Please visit here to view all of our packages and find the one that is right for you. And most importantly, keep enjoying your hot tub!


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