How To Maintain Your Hot Tub During The Colder Months

Now the colder months are upon us, we are encouraged to take it easy, conserve our energy and be selective on how we invest our free time. But whilst you may be planning on hibernating during the cooler times, your hot tub doesn’t have to do the same. In fact, using your hot tub in colder temperatures still provides many amazing advantages that you may have never known about.
Make sure to carry on reading, as we go through some helpful tips which will help ensure that your hot tub will stay in tip-top condition.

Invest In A Good Quality Cover

To ensure that your hot tub is well insulated, you need to make sure that your current hot tub cover is tight-fitting and of a high-quality, as it will help your hot tub maintain a constantly high temperature, even when the weather is below 0.
If you feel you may need to update your cover or are looking to purchase a brand-new hot-tub set-up, here are a selection of our premium covers for you to choose from –

  • Roller Covers: Not only practical but energy efficient too, our roller covers are a one-piece design that creates a complete seal locking in the heat, saving energy and money. Most roller covers enable one person to roll the cover off their hot tub in less than 60 seconds.


  • Hardtop Covers: Not only do these look good, they also help to save your money and retain heat, whilst also keeping out unwanted objects, such as leaves during the Autumn. This option is perfect for households that have pets or small children, as they are much stronger and support more weight compared to soft covers, reducing the chance of any breakages!


  • Replacement Thermal Covers: If you are looking for a replacement cover, then our thermal cover options may be the best for you. These help to reduce the running costs of your hot tub by retaining heat and also helps to stop debris getting into the tub when not in use.


  • Cover Accessories: If you are looking to enhance the protection of your hot tub, then our hot tub cover accessories are essential. They help to prolong the life of your tub and to make the maintenance process even easier.

Check The Water Level

Make sure to check your water levels frequently and add in more if you feel it’s necessary, because if the water level falls too low in the cold weather, then the components may freeze which could mean harmful damage to your hot tub.

Make Sure Your Water Is Clean

This may sound like an obvious one, but it is also an important one that many people don’t take into account during the colder months, which is to clean and maintain your water and filters. No matter the temperature, don’t lack in your hot tub maintenance checks because of the temperature change. Simple problems can become more complicated to fix during subzero weather.

Change The Water Earlier Than Scheduled

If you know your hot tub is scheduled for a water change during the colder months, then it is a good idea to plan it a little earlier in the year.
Changing the water in cold outdoor temperatures can be a challenge as there is a risk of the water freezing and damaging your spa. So, it may be a good idea to reconsider your schedule, or if you are still unsure, talk to us and we can help.

Keep The Jets Low

Try to use your jets less compared to the rate you use them during the warmer seasons and don’t forget to turn them off when not in use. Hot tub jets work by blowing air into the water and during the colder months will mean that the water temperature will become extremely cold.

Be Smart About Time

The longer you stay in your hot tub, the higher your body temperature will become. And while it may be tempting to stay in the comforting warmth for longer to stay away from facing the cold outside temperatures, it can also be dangerous on your body.
Try to limit your soak time to around twenty minutes, as moving from extreme heat to cold can cause serious stress to your body.

The Benefits Of Using The Hot Tub In The Cold 

Preparing your hot tub for the season can be complicated and time-consuming, but in many cases, using your hot tub during the colder months can actually be more beneficial than you think, as you can experience some perks that are only unique to this time of the year.


When your muscles and joints are cold, it is much easier for you to pull or strain them during any physical activity. However, during these temperatures, having a quick soak in your tub before your exercise regime can help your body warm-up and prepare for a much safer workout.
You could even benefit using the hot tub after your workout too, as it is a good way to settle your body back down, as you relax and soothe any aching muscles or stiff limbs.

You Can Still Embrace The Outdoors

It is important to still go outside, even if it’s cold, as it is much more beneficial to be outdoors then to stay inside until the sun appears again. (Which we all know in the UK, is a very long wait.). 
Plus, using your hot tub can mean that you are still warm and relaxed whilst still taking in the crisp, refreshing air. Soak in your home spa and spend time out in the warmth and comfort, instead of huddling indoors.

A Different Way To Socialise

Especially around the Winter period, it is the perfect time to bring around family and friends to enjoy each others company during the upcoming festive period.
But why not make it unique?
Your hot tub can serve as a unique and memorable way of celebrating the time of year, whilst creating memories with the ones you love. 
If you are interested in enhancing your hot tub during this time of the year or looking to buy a brand new tub to treat yourself and your loved ones. At 1 Stop Spas, our team are here to help you.
Feel free to call us on 01522 300737, or if you would like to have a look at what we have to offer, then please feel free to visit either our Sleaford or Billinghay showrooms.


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