A Guide to Choosing the Best Swimspa

You might not think choosing your Swim Spa is a big decision, but there are so many factors to think about. So, if you’re looking for a Swim Spa and need help making a decision, this is the place for you!

In this blog we will go into detail about Swim Spas and how you can choose the best one for you. 

What Are Swim Spas?

A swim spa is an alternative to a swimming pool or even a hot tub. They offer a smoother swimming environment that is not as cold as a pool or too hot as a hot tub. It also provides more privacy and relaxation than most pools or hot tubs do.

The idea behind a swim spa is quite simple: it’s designed to mimic a natural waterfall or stream by creating a gentle water flow throughout the entire body. This allows you to relax your muscles while gaining the best overall health benefits from it.

The size

The first thing you need to consider when buying a swim spa is its size. The larger ones are better because they create a stronger water current – which means less muscle fatigue for your body. If you only have a small space available in which to keep your swim spa, then look for something compact instead.

Quality is essential

When choosing a swim spa, you should always be sure of what materials used on it. All Swim Spas nowadays use high quality products, ideally, you should go for a Swim Spa that is energy efficient. You also need to make sure that your Swim Spa is reliable and durable, there is nothing worse than coming home from a long stressful day, jumping in to find something has broken. 

Extra Features

While you want a nice-looking swim spa, don’t forget about extra features like lights, music systems, heating options, adjustable jets, etc.


Of course, the cost of a swim spa is another important factor. But remember that it’s a long-term investment. With proper maintenance and care, it will last longer than any other piece of equipment. 

What activity do you want it for?

You’ll want to find out whether you intend using your swim spa just for relaxing purposes (i.e., sitting around) or if you plan to get some exercise in while using it. If you intend to use it for both activities, make sure it offers the right features for each purpose.

We hope that our guide has given you a bit of advice on how to choose the best swim spa. We wish you good luck finding the perfect one!

Why you should buy your Swim Spa from us

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We don’t just sell hot tubs and swim spas, but we will also install them and be around to help with the maintenance and servicing. To help you choose the right swim spa then you can also come along and try them out – book your wet test here. 

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