How To Fix A Cloudy Hot Tub

Cloudy, milky and foamy water are all common occurrences for hot tub owners. It is not recommended to use your hot tub when the water is cloudy or milky in appearance. In this blog, we’re going to explain the causes of cloudy water and how you can ensure your hot tub has crystal clear water for every use. We understand you’ve spent a lot on your hot tub and want to keep it in the best and most usable condition for you and your guests, so browse a range of water treatment products from 1StopSpa here.



There are many reasons you may be experiencing cloudy water, these are the most common: 

  • Unbalanced water, meaning you have too much or too little of certain chemicals such as chlorine present in the water. You can use a digital tester to help check your tubs Ph levels amongst other things. Ideal levels are around Ph: 7.4 – 7.8, total alkalinity 100 – 150 ppm, sanitiser: Chlorine 3-5 ppm/bromine 4-6 ppm. Though you should always check for your specific hot tub. 


  • Organic debris, anything from urine that may be present if you’ve had young children in your hot tub; to grass brought in on the bottom of people’s feet. Whilst your filter will be working hard it can’t filter everything, so a build-up of this organic debris over time can affect the alkalinity and Ph levels leading to cloudy water.


  • Dead algae, because dead algae particles are so fine the filter is unable to pick them up meaning they will float around your tub like dust, or settle to the bottom. Leaving algae in your tub is not only aesthetically unpleasing but will also cause your filter to have a shorter lifespan as it’s working overtime trying to clear it. 


  • Old water or old filters can cause cloudy water, no matter how often you clean your hot tub filter, or how precisely you measure out your chemicals, there comes a time where your hot tub will require a replacement filter and freshwater. This can depend on many factors such as how often the tub is used, but you’ll work out what works best for you. 


  • Cosmetics, such as sun cream which is vital in the summer and things like moisturisers, fake tan and makeup can all pollute your water, creating water that is cloudy/milky in appearance, as well as that dreaded scum line around the edge of the water.


How to prevent and get rid of cloudy water – 

  • Shower before you go into the hot tub to ensure your body and face are clear from lotions and makeup that can affect the waters balance.


  • Rinse your bathing suits rather than using strong detergents and fabric softeners which much like cosmetics can affect the waters balance. 


  • If you’ve had children or a party with large quantities of people in your hot tub, it is recommended to test your water and add additional chemicals as needed to counteract the organic debris that may be present in the water. 


  • Keep your filter clean so that it is working at its most optimal. A blocked filter will soon impact your water quality. Ensure your filter is rinsed regularly and treat it with a quality filter cleaner. You will require a new filter every 6-12 months depending on hot tub usage. 


  • Use a clarifier that will remove cosmetic oils and suntan lotions. They can also improve filtration due to their enzymatic effect on unwanted pollution. This is a great option for those who discover their hot tub water has become cloudy between uses. 


  • You can also use a shocking treatment that will oxidise any organic matter, burning off whatever is contaminating your water and causing it to have a cloudy appearance. A no chlorine shocking solution allows you to re-enter your hot tub in no time at all. 


  • You may also choose to use products such as no foam spray and scum sponges that absorb unwanted oils, to help clear your tubs water before use. Whilst these products help to maintain a clear hot tub they will not fully prevent the water from becoming cloudy between uses, this is achieved through the long-term maintenance of your tubs chemicals and other preventative measures previously mentioned. 


If you find your pool is still cloudy after following these tips it could be an indicator it’s time to refresh the water. When filling your hot tub you may opt to use a pre-filter that helps to reduce the hard water when you’re filling your tub, the better quality the water is that you’re filling your tub with, the greater chance it will stay clearer for longer. This blog has a multitude of links to help you find the best products for preventing and getting rid of cloudy water in your hot tub. All these products are available from 1StopSpas for your convenience. For more information on any of the products mentioned do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales and support team on 01522 300737, from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm 7 days a week. 


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