The Journey Of 1 Stop Spas During COVID-19

March 23rd, a date that many will never forget, especially business owners.

On March 23rd, the UK was informed that we were all to face a lockdown, with the result of only essential shops being able to stay open, and at 1 Stop Spas, this was a time for us to change the way we worked and to adapt our industry to make it work with the guidelines in place, which we are happy to say, we achieved very well.

But before we go through the journey of our company and how we are regaining normality, we would all like to say a massive thank you to our dedicated customers who have helped us go from strength to strength during these difficult times. The amount of orders and enquiries we have received during these past 4 months has been astonishing.

23rd March

After the lockdown was announced, we chose to temporarily close, which was also reinforced by the public announcement brought to us by the Prime Minister.

Although, even though your stores were closed, we ensured to still be there for our customers and chose to redeploy all of our resources in the response to the pandemic. 

Here is what we did –

  • We left our phone lines open 7 days a week to help customers with essential technical support, customer service and phone orders.
  • We were still able to provide orders on our website, to make sure that all of our customers had the essential products they needed whilst using their hot tubs and swim spas and continually developed the site and submission forms for all the support services we offer (repairs, relocation, service) which from the beginning was planned until it was fully safe for us to do so.
  • We began our bespoke virtual spa consultations and video calling appointments, which has innovated into a fantastic way to get in touch with new and current customers, without the commute. 
  • We did all of this through our appointments, all alongside our staff ensuring orders were sent out and calls were answered.

Alongside these successful changes we implemented within the business, we were amazed at the capabilities our business could reach and how digital can be the new way forward in terms of consultations and virtual appointments.

Nothing Stopped Us!

Even with our store closed, we stayed open for people who required essential supplies, advice and information, whilst still continuously taking orders that would be installed when safe to do so and also gave us time to reflect on the progression we had made as a company.

Here is an insight into how we started 1 Stop Spas –

“We started off as a very small concession in a local garden centre with just 3 spas on display, but with no option to display chemicals or accessories, it just didn’t work for us. 

We weren’t there long, before moving into our very first showroom in Billinghay. With just 5 spas on display, we could now display a small range of products, offer wet tests and evening appointments. We also took on the adjoining unit for storage, which meant we got our home and garage back, which had been buried in hot tub parts for a good few years whilst we had been building the service and repair side of the business.  

Fast forward to today, we are still the same, family run business we always have been, just our family has grown larger, along with our range of spas and products. We have such a great team of people working alongside us .”

Whilst we continuously helped and supported our hot tub finatics and reminisced on our journey, we celebrated (at our own homes, of course!) the 1 year anniversary of our Sleaford showroom grand opening.

Installations Were Up & Running Again

*Cue our fantastic team of engineers*

On the week of May 18th, we were elated to start our installations again with the COVID-19 guidelines fully in place.

It was an amazing milestone during the pandemic to start fulfilling people’s dreams of having a hot tub of their own and to enjoy their well earned purchase, without having to wait any longer! However, our team had to face the new normal, as they can’t enjoy their usual cuppas and homemade cakes…

15th June – Our Sleaford Showroom Reopened

The day we all waited for since the beginning, the reopening!

After 3 months, we were able to open our Sleaford showroom again with all the current COVID-19 guidelines in place. It was an amazing day for all of us at 1 Stop Spas and it was amazing to see our customers again, and not virtually!

Also, due to the increased growth of our business and the amazing support from our customers, we have also been recently expanding our team.

Without a doubt, during the lockdown period, we were concerned about what the future may have held and the changes towards our industry but it is safe to say, from day one that every single one of our customers has been amazing and fully supported 1 Stop Spas, regardless of the impact that COVID-19 has brought to all of us.

Thank you.


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