Benefits of Reconditioned Hot Tubs

There are a whole host of benefits that using a hot tub can provide, including but are not limited to, stress relief, lowering blood pressure, promoting better sleep, minimising joint pain and relaxing muscles. Investing in a hot tub is an investment into your long-term health. However, it is understandable that many higher-end hot tubs come with a price tag that some can’t warrant spending on a luxury item. At 1StopSpas we want hot tubs to be accessible to all so we have a solution. 


Refurbished hot tubs – 

We sell a range of reconditioned and second-hand hot tubs at 1StopSpas. They’re well looked after as they often come from our satisfied customers who have decided to upgrade to a larger hot tub. 

By purchasing a pre-owned hot tub you’re giving yourself and your family the opportunity to try out the hot tub experience and reap the benefits without committing to spending the amount a new hot tub would cost. 

We also offer something unique, on selected re-conditioned hot tubs we guarantee to buy back the tub if you wish to upgrade and buy a new one from us at a later date. We have a dedicated preowned and reconditioned hot tub showroom in Billinghay, where you can book an appointment to view our current stock by calling 01522 300737.

If you like the sound of a pre-owned hot tub but you’re not sure exactly what you want then tell our experts your requirements and budget and we’ll add you to our preferential list, where you can be the first to view any of our suitable pre-owned spas or hot tubs that become available. 


Benefits of owning a hot tub – 

We touched on some of the benefits of owning a hot tub at the start of this blog, but now you know there is a more affordable way to own your very own hot tub we thought you may be interested in knowing some more. 

  • Quality time: A hot tub offers a fantastic way for you and your friends and family to unwind together and catch up at the end of a busy week, or as often as you want. 


  • Your time: Whilst a hot tub is a brilliant way to socialise, it can also offer a personal retreat, somewhere to be alone with your thoughts after a long day and relax. 


  • Phone free time: It can be hard to put your phone aside, but most phones and water don’t mix, so use your hot tub time as a time to unplug and let you and your phone recharge. 


  • Lose weight: Who doesn’t want to lose weight whilst doing absolutely nothing. Studies show those who regularly use a hot tub can lose up to 1lbs more a week than those who don’t. 


  • Get more Vitamin D: You might not be a lover of the great outdoors and therefore you may be lacking in vital vitamins such as vitamin D, so give yourself an excuse to start loving your garden and soaking up those essential vitamins. 


  • Exercise more: A hot tub is an ideal way to relax, but it can also be a great way to get moving too. There is a multitude of hot tub exercise equipment available from 1StopSpas here


We hope this blog has helped you to decide whether a reconditioned hot tub is the right option for you. To find out more visit here or call us and one of our spa experts will be happy to help. 


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