Hot Tub Health Benefits – Using One After the Gym

There are many benefits to taking a relaxing dip in a hot tub and it’s not just for relaxing and chilling out after a long day at the office or at work. Did you know that it can be the perfect post-exercise activity too?

We must warn you that if you are thinking of jumping into a hot tub after some vigorous and sustained exercise, caution should be taken. Think about the state your body is in, particularly post-aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. You are at a much higher temperature, your body is immediately recovering and you will be dehydrated. This is why you should avoid jumping straight in while you’re still sweating, short of breath and feeling the effects of that workout you’ve just taken.

Shower post-cool-down to remove any excess sweat, then ease yourself into the hot tub with at least 1 litre of cool water to sip whilst bathing. Stay in no longer than 15 minutes, before exiting slowly and carefully.

So before you take a running jump and get in, take the time to do a cool-down, walk steadily for ten minutes or take a seat to bring your heartbeat down, take a decent drink of water and make sure you feel more relaxed before you get into what will no doubt be a warm, relaxing hot tub. This way you avoid any chance of being exhausted by heat, the complications that come with further dehydration and feeling dizzy through a drop in blood pressure.

Once you feel ready, get in slowly and ease yourself into a world of relaxation. Here’s a few of the benefits:

Muscle recovery

Much has been made of the benefits of muscle therapy through hot and cold means. Getting into a hot tub can be relaxing not only for the mind, but for the body too. If you’ve done a particularly strenuous workout, then there’s every chance your muscles are in need of a rest and heat can help. Heard the phrase ‘ripped’ to describe a muscular physique? That’s because when working out, you tear muscle in tiny, subtle ways to gain that extra definition and those tears will need repairing. Thankfully a diet rich in protein and plenty of water will sort this out naturally, but to avoid DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Spasms) heat from a hot tub can ease the pain of inflammation. 

Relaxation mentally

A good session in a hot tub post-workout can allow you to take time to reflect on your session and plan others. You can even consider using colder temperatures if you want to do an early session so you can be alert for work, other activities and more. It’s also a great leveller for the end of the day. After you’ve worked, exercised and finished your tasks for the day, a soak can melt away those extra stresses.

Get better sleep

Have trouble unwinding or relaxing before bed? Or do you suffer from insomnia or broken sleep? There’s loads of benefits to getting a good night’s rest, so getting enough shuteye can really benefit your health. 

Something called PHB, or ‘Passive Body Heating’ can help the body to slow down in readiness for sleep. It can also soothe any aches and pains you might normally experience in your sleep that might disturb it.

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