American Whirlpool 270

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Not only are American Whirlpool Spas amongst the most efficient on the market, we are now including an Air Source Heat Pumps as Standard on all our 200 series spas. This will help lower your heating costs by up to 80%, it will speed up your heat up times, meaning you can enjoy your spa even sooner. There is no extra cost for the Heat Pump, we just want to help our customers enjoy their spa without the worry of running costs.

All of our American whirlpool hot tub are designed to relieve stress and increase well being. There are many aspects of an American Whirlpool hot tub that will give you peace of mind and make your American Whirlpool hot tub unique.

With the American Whirlpool 27 Hot Tub you get so many standard features that you’ll melt every time you and 5 of your friends or family gather to unwind. Immerse yourself in the warm waters of the 270’s 46 stainless steel jets, centre foot dome, and 2 Aurora Cascade Water Features.

The 46 jets are spread equally over the 6 seats, including ‘Captain Chair’ with Comfort Collar neck support. Ths spa is insulated with BlueMaax® Insulation, which is copper lined, ensuring all heat is retained within the spa. Every American Whirlpool spa goes through stringent testing with the Calfiornian Energy Commission, ensuring they are amongst the MOST EFFICIENT spas on the market.

This model is fitted with Gecko controls allowing you to set up the spa with ease. It can also be fitted with an Air Source Heat Pump by a certified hot tub technician for even lower running costs and control.

Our UK stocked models come with FREE Bluetooth Audio and CleanZone® system.

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