Having Hot Tubs at Events

Are you thinking of holding an event? Wondering what you could have to entice people to come? Well, as Lincolnshire’s top hot tub supplier, we encourage you to consider having hot tubs as part of your events. 

Like everything, there are key things you need to know before you hire or buy your hot tub for the event. The first step is to choose which type of hot tub you would like, there are a huge variety of hot tubs available from 1 Stop Spas. Depending on the requirements you have, we have many for you to choose from. 

To help with choosing your hot tub, consider what features you would need or want for your hot tub. Overall, many different things can set the different types apart. Some hot tubs will come with steps, different heat displays, and many more accessories that you can add on. 

Depending on what event you are holding you will also have to think about power supplies that you will need. Different hot tubs will require different power sources, and this will also depend on whether they are indoor or outdoor hot tubs. 

It is very important to make sure that if you are holding an event that is going to have hot tubs, you plan well in advance as depending on the size of your hot tub will depend on how long it takes to fill it up. 

Here at 1 Stop Spas we pride ourselves in being one of the UK’s leading hot tub and swim spa specialists. Not only do we sell hot tubs but we carry out the customer service to ensure that you are happy with your hot tub and the initial set up. If you would like to discuss the hot tubs we offer and our process then please get in touch by calling us on 01522 300 737



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