Product Overview

Without requiring additional reagents (tablets, drops, etc.) Water-I.D.® Electronic Meters offer a professional way to measure various water parameters, such as:
    • Conductivity (EC)
    • Salinity 
    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 
    • pH
    • Temperature
    • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) or Redox 
    • Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
    • O2
The test result is displayed on the device within seconds after dipping it in the water sample.
The sensitive pH and ORP electrodes should always be kept moist* and all Electronic Meter models should be calibrated regularly – at best before each measurement – with Water I.D.® standard solutions. 
Depending on the model used, the measured values are automatically temperature compensated.
 *Ideally, the electrode is stored in a 3 – 3.5 molar potassium chloride solution so that the concentration gradient and thus the ion migration out of the electrode is as low as possible.