American Whirlpool 250

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With high performance and low operating costs, the American Whirlpool 250 Hot Tub is one of the only rectagular shape hot tubs offered and comes with a number of amazing features as standard: Moulded bottom pan, Copper reflectant to keep that heat in,  with BlueMAAX insulation, a hybrid sub structure—even a molded grab bar!

The 23 jets are spread across 4 spacious seats, including 2 corner massage seats. This spa only holds 916 litres so brings running costs to an absolute minimum. It is insulated with BlueMAAX® insulation, which is copper lined, ensuring all heat is retained within the spa. Every American Whirlpool spa goes through stringent testing with the Californian Energy Commission, ensuring they are amongst  the MOST EFFICIENT spas on the market.

This model is fitted with a Gecko control system, allowing you to set up your spa simply. It can be fitted with an Air Source Heat Pump, by a certified hot tub technician for an additional cost, allowing for even lower running costs.

Our UK stocked models come with FREE a CleanZone® system, for simple maintenance of the spa.

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