How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost to Run?

We are certain that you are going to want to save money with the rise in energy prices, so we are here to help you do just that.

Before you make a big decision like buying a hot tub, you need to know how much it’s going to cost you to run. We are going to run you through the ins and outs of how much a hot tub could cost you to run, to make your decision that little bit easier. 

We know you’d prefer the easy answer, but there are so many factors to consider when buying a hot tub. 



Where is your hot tub going to live? The temperature outside will be affecting your hot tubs energy usage, as in the cooler weather the hot tubs heating systems will need to work hard to maintain your desired temperature. It is recommended that you should drop your water temperature by 2-5 degrees during the winter months for more efficient running. 


Cost of Energy in Your Area

Another factor to consider when looking at the cost of running a hot tub is the cost of energy in your area. Making sure that you are on the most cost-effective electricity tariff is the key to keeping your hot tub costs as low as possible. We would recommend looking at energy providers who offer lower electricity costs during the evening, when the ambient temperature is cooler and your hot tub is keeping things warmer.

You should also leave your hot tub running all the time for it to be at its most efficient. 



Bigger isn’t always better – running a larger hot tub is going to be more expensive, as you’re going to have to heat much more water. However, if you own an energy efficient hot tub then there should be no dramatic price increases depending on size. But if you’re looking at a big difference in size, then it would probably be much more efficient to choose something a little smaller, like our Master Spas Legend 4 871 Liters for example. 



How well your hot tub is insulated will play a massive part in the cost of running your hot tub, so this is an important factor to consider when choosing the right hot tub. A poorly insulated hot tub could result in higher running costs due to it taking longer to warm up or cool down. 


Hot Tub Cover

A secure hot tub lid is important, and you want to find one that doesn’t take on too much moisture. If your hot tub lid starts to bow, it could lift at the side, meaning it will let all of the heat out, which is not what you want! A hot tub cover with lots of insulation can help keep the hot tub in good condition for longer too. 

Another really important thing to think about is the way you look after your hot tub, if you look after it right it will stay in good condition for much longer. We have a guide on hot tub care that can help you with this, visit our website here to have a read. 

We also offer 0% finance on most of our products when you put down a 25% deposit, you’ll pay exactly the same amount as if you’d paid upfront, but with the ability to spread it over a longer period of time. Read more about this option here.

We have been selling high quality, efficient hot tubs since 2008. We don’t just sell hot tubs, but we will install them and be on hand to help with the maintenance and servicing too. We are here to help and support you, so if you would like to get in touch then please ring us on 01522 300737 or email us on to speak to the team. 


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