American Whirlpool 271

American Whirlpool 271 Hot Tub
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271 Hot Tub

With SpaWer Heat Pump

Was £9,995

Now only £8,995

The Perfect Hot Tub For Family Or Friends

  • 6 Seats (including 1 lounger)  
  • Dimensions –  211cm x 211cm x 91cm
  • SpaWer Heat Pump Included
  • 2 x 3Hp Twin Speed Pumps
  • DuraMAAX™ Cabinet
  • ABS Sealed Pan Base
  • Thermo-Lock® Insulation
  • Stainless Steel Jets
  • Bluetooth Music System
  • Ozone oxidation system  

An American Built Hot Tub with Heat Pump for under £10,000!

With an extensive list of high-end features combined with the much sought after American build quality, the American Whirlpool 271 Model Hot Tub is the ultimate balance of quality and price.  

With the American Whirlpool 271 Hot Tub you get so many standard features that you’ll melt every time you and 5 of your friends or family gather to unwind.

The 271 Hot Tub is insulated with BlueMaax® Insulation, which is copper lined, ensuring all heat is retained within the spa. Every American Whirlpool spa goes through stringent testing with the Californian Energy Commission, ensuring they are amongst the MOST EFFICIENT spas on the market. What’s more, included is an Ultra-Efficient Heat Pump by leading Hot Tub Heat Pump manufacturer Spawer, so you can enjoy your Hot Tub with up to 80% less running costs!

 But don’t just take our word for it, come and try it out yourself, the American Whirlpool 271 is filled and ready to wet test at both our Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire stores today!

SpaWer O-Spa heat pump sat on grass


Hot Tub loungers aren’t for everyone and typically not a one size fits all. But not all Hot Tub Loungers are created equal.

The lounger in the American Whirlpool 271 was designed by physicians based on years of research, to fit the human form while giving ergonomic support, no float body buoyancy, and maximum comfort. What’s more it’s been engineered with features to make it suitable for all body sizes, including multiple recessed footrests so no matter your height, the lounger gives ultimate comfort.

American Whirlpool 271 Lounger

Seat Variations

Lesser Hot Tubs are designed with whatever seats can be fitted in, but not the American Whirlpool 271 which has a range of seating styles so whatever your preference and body shape, there’s a seat for you.

In addition to the ultra-relaxing lounger there’s a further five seats in varying widths, heights, hydrotherapy configurations, and even a neck supporting comfort collar. Just like the lounger the seats are physician designed and contoured to the curvature of the spine, ensuring correct posture to reduce stress on your lower back.

But comfortable seating extends beyond just the seat. The large footwell means you can enjoy your Hot Tub experience in ultimate comfort without having to alter your foot position to fit around others.  

American Whirlpool 271 Seats

Hydrotherapy Massage

With an array for jet types and sizes, American Whirlpool Hot Tubs are the first in the world to have medically designed Zone Therapy® jet systems for the ultimate hydrotherapy massage. Whether it’s diminishing the stresses of everyday life, relieving stiff muscles or simply helping you get a good night’s sleep – medically designed Zone Therapy® utilises correctly positioned jets to target pain zone trigger points. Precisely locating the correct size jet and massaging action where they are most effective is key to relieving pain and stiffness throughout the entire body.

American Whirlpool 271 Hydrotherapy

ABS Pan Base

Typically, poor quality Spas feature a base of thin plastic wrapped timber that fail with time, but not American Whirlpool. With a once piece warp around ABS sealed base that locks in heat while sealing out moisture, you don’t have to worry about water ingress, rot or rodents.  

Blue Max insulation

Conventional foam-filled Hot Tubs are extremely hard to service and are often damaged in the process. The American Whirlpool 271 features our removable, eco-friendly BlueMAAX® insulation. Made from recycled natural denim and copper lined to recycle heat, the insulation contains no chemical irritants and is impregnated with a borate based solution to prevent mold/mildew growth and pest infestation.

American Whirlpool Blue Max Insulation

Weather Shield Cover

The 271 Hot Tub features American Whirlpools premium grade WeatherShield Hot Tub cover offering a lightweight, fade-resistant material that stands up to extreme temperatures and lasting twice as long as traditional vinyl covers. Featuring an industry first copper lining to keep excess heat off in the summer and ensure optimal heat retention when the weather turns cooler.

American Whirlpool Weather Shield Hot Tub Cover

Sound System

Hot Tub Speaker

Experience the ultimate in audio quality with our Bluetooth Sound System. Immerse yourself in crisp, clear fidelity as two fully integrated speakers deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Our innovative technology takes it a step further by integrating a powerful subwoofer directly into your spa’s structure, allowing sound to resonate through the water. Not only will you hear your music, but you will also feel the vibrations, enhancing your overall enjoyment and relaxation.


American Whirlpool Hot tub lights at night

Featuring an underwater and waterline lights, the American Whirlpool 271Hot Tub has an extensive range of water and light features. From the mesmerizing aurora cascade water fountains to the soothing 7 colour Chromotherapy Underwater Lighting System, the 271 Hot Tub has everything you need to set the mood with a simple touch of a button.

DuraMAAx® Cabinet

American Whirlpool DuraMAAx cabinet

DuraMAAx® is an cutting edge material that serves as a substitute for wood, offering the same appearance and texture but without the need for regular upkeep. This material is highly resistant to impacts and is impervious to both weather and insect damage. It will never splinter, crack, or decay. In addition, its appealing exterior effectively retains heat and keeps out cold air, giving an economical, visually pleasing and maintenance free cabinet.


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