Activities to do in a Swim Spa

A swim spa provides the same health benefits as a hot tub as well as being a swimming pool, it is a gym, hot tub and pool all in one! 

It is a luxurious addition to any home and becomes the heart of all of your social events or the necessity to your relaxing night. 

There is a surprising amount of activities that you can do in your swim spa, which include, working out, relaxing and playing games with the family. 



Surprisingly, swimming is not the only activity that you can do in your swim spa, you can do water sports! Their powerful jets make perfect conditions for canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding because of the water-resistance.

If you fancy a challenge, increase the speed of your jets and see how much harder it gets! It is important to engage in these activities sitting down, as standing up can be very dangerous due to the size of a swim spa. 

Swim spas are the perfect length for swimming, they are slightly smaller than swimming pools but bigger than hot tubs, so get your goggles on and do some lanes. 

Doing aqua aerobics in a swimming pool already has endless benefits, adding resistance due to the water jets, makes this a much better workout! Get fitter and healthier, without putting pressure on your joints, by participating in aqua aerobics. Put some music on, and move like no one is watching.

Relaxing in a swim spa burns calories because of the increase in temperature and the pressure from the jets, so this counts as exercise, right?


Sitting in a swim spa for just 15 minutes can reduce stress and anxiety dramatically. Life is incredibly stressful and the to-do list just never seems to end, take a soak in your swim spa for some well deserved “me time”. You will even have a better quality night of sleep – win-win situation for sure. 

Grab a glass of bubbly, sit back and relax. 

Play a Game with the Family

Remember all the fun you had on holiday, the sun is shining, you have endless ice cream to hand and playing games with inflatables in the pool. Well, you can recreate this in your own swim spa (sun may be wishful thinking!) with all of your family. 

Purchase inflatables, get your swimming costumes on and get competitive. 

We find the best game has to include an inflatable ball, it is just so versatile. You can play catch, piggy in the middle or just float on it. Making memories with friends and family is so important, put on the music and just simply, have fun. 


Did you know there are also countless health benefits of a Swim Spa?

Soaking or exercising in your swim spa balances your hormones, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances sleep and eases a range of physical symptoms. 

They improve circulation and speed up the body’s natural healing process through the use of hydrotherapy, which relaxes the muscles and relieves pressure on the nerves. 

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