10 Awesome Ideas for Hot Tub Enclosures

Are you sick of only being able to use your hot tub when the weather’s nice? (Which let’s be honest, the nice days are few and far between here in the UK). Fed up of debris clogging your pipes and causing damage to your hot tub? Or are you tired of your neighbours glancing over at you every time you go for a soak? Hot tubs can be great assets to your garden, but they can be hard to enjoy when you feel like you lack privacy and shelter. Here’s why we think having an enclosure can help you to create the relaxing, luxurious hot tub experience that you deserve: 

  • Privacy: With hot tubs being outside, naturally you become exposed to nosey neighbours and passers by, so an enclosure will give you the protection you need to enjoy your experience in peace.


  • Protection from the elements: Hot tubs are expensive, and to give it the longest life possible, you need to keep it protected from the rain, snow and sun. Sun can cause parts to dry out and crack, while wetter weather can cause parts to warp, which can affect the functionality of your hot tub. Having a good quality cover or enclosure also protects your hot tub from debris like twigs and leaves which can clog up the pipes.


  • Adds a touch of luxury: Having an enclosure around your hot tub instantly takes your garden to the next level. Depending on what enclosure you go for, you can either create a small, cosy space for relaxing, or a vibrant space for socialising.

Now that you know why having an enclosure for your hot tub can be so important, here’s 10 different types of enclosure to suit varying budgets and needs! 


Pergolas are a solid, permanent structure, typically made of wood or metal that are built over the top of your hot tub. Because pergolas normally have a slatted roof, they’re great if you don’t want an enclosure that feels, well…too enclosed! It’s openness lets you maintain the ability to take in your surroundings, as you would if you didn’t have an enclosure, but with the sense of a bit more privacy. 

The beauty of pergolas is that you can add a lot to them to tailor them to suit your needs. The options are endless, for example, you could add fabric drapes or blinds for more privacy, a heating system for those colder months, or even LED lighting strips and a sound system for when you and your guests want to dance the night away! Higher end pergolas even have retractable roofs, so you can look up at the stars on clear nights.



Gazebos tend to be smaller shelters, consisting of a solid wooden roof on stilts, with open walls allowing plenty of fresh air to come through. These are an ideal option if you want an affordable enclosure for your hot tub, as they offer adequate protection against poor weather, as well as offering great privacy if you add some drapes. They can also be easily put together yourself if you’ve got a decent tool kit.  


If you want full protection from the weather, but don’t want to spoil your view, then solariums could be your answer! Because it’s an enclosure made entirely out of glass, it’ll be like relaxing in your own cosy little bubble, as it soaks in and retains light and heat. 

The only downside to solariums is that because they’re made of glass, they require regular cleaning to stop the glass from clouding. The cost of the solarium itself and its installation are also very high, however arguably a worthwhile investment! 


Retractable Privacy Walls

If you don’t want a permanent structure in your garden, retractable privacy walls are ideal for putting up while you’re enjoying a quiet soak, but putting back down when you want to enjoy your outdoor space. They’re fairly easy to set up, however you will need something in your garden to bolt it on to, such as a decking or concrete slab. They consist of a metal frame that gets drilled into your decking or patio, and a large piece of water resistant fabric to protect you from the sun and any nosey neighbours! 

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are a great option if you want coverage on a budget, depending on the kind of protection you want. Screens made out of bamboo, rattan or wicker are a popular choice for their tropical appearance. There are plenty of options for fixed, foldable and folding screens, so you really can choose something that suits your space best. 

Wishing Well

If you’ve ever dreamt of living in a fairytale, then this whimsical structure is an ideal enclosure for your hot tub. And it’ll certainly make for a good conversation piece when you have guests round! Decorate it with outdoor fairy lights to give it that extra magical touch. 

Automated Covers

Automated covers are a great 2-in-1 option as they double up as a cover when lowered and a shelter when raised. You can have the cover lowered to protect your hot tub from debris when it’s not in use, and have it raised to protect you from the rain and snow when it’s in use.

These can be expensive due to being a high end piece of equipment, however they definitely have a ‘wow’ factor to them! 


Think of a dome like a tent for your hot tub. It’s great if you don’t want to put the time and money into a permanent structure, but still want something to give you a bit of coverage from harsher weather like rain or UV rays from the sun. You can also get some domes with detachable sides and doors so that you have the option to let some fresh air in if you want it. 

Wall of Flowers

Definitely the prettiest option on this list, you could surround your hot tub with your choice of shrubbery and beautiful flowers! Not only will this act as a privacy screen, the scents from the flowers will add to the atmosphere, creating an even more relaxing soaking experience.

Hot Tub Housing

For the ultimate shelter from the elements, as well as from prying eyes, a dedicated building for your hot tub is the ideal solution. While not surprisingly this requires a bigger budget than a lot of the other options mentioned above, it will provide you with the most protection and privacy. It also means you won’t have to run indoors as soon as the weather takes a turn, or ever have to plan your soaking sessions around the weather again. 


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