Spa Mini Cocktails Aromatherapy

Natural Spa & Bath Aromatherapy Crystals

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Product Overview

Our Spa Mini Cocktail Aromatherapy for hot tubs are available in easy 3 usage pouches. They are proven to be Spa Safe, Oil Free, they will not clog filters or affect your water chemistry. Just sprinkle 1/3 of the packet into the spa water, turn on the jets and enjoy the aroma of your favorite cocktail!

Ingrediant list: Sodium Chloride, Dead Sea Salts. *Perfume may contain other ingredients

Pink Gin is certainly having its moment as the drink of the year. It’s pink hue given from infusion of berries or even rose petals. And it’s history goes back to 19th century in the nautical world.Bitters were given to avoid sea sickness due to the awful taste gin was added, thus the ‘Pink’ Gin was created.The Fizz comes from Fever Tree aromatic tonic

Purple Rin is a variation of one of the greatest cocktails, Long Island Iced Tea.Swapping the Chombard for the Triple Sec and Lime/Lemon for Cola together with Vodka and Gin tall over ice then as the grenadine runs through the blue curacao it gives the impression of Purple Rain.

Want to know more about Aromatherapy for hot tubs and how it works, here’s a good read. Why not try some of our other scents.



Daiquiri, Gin & Tonic, Purple Rain, Margarita, Moscow Mule, Pin Gin Fizz, Blue Lagoon