Product Overview

Ultra compact, the Spawer O`Spa is a heat pump for spas that can save you up to 75% in energy consumpution when heating your spa compared to a conventional electric heater (at an equivalent power consumption).

The O`Spa can be installed on any type of hot tub and nordic bath in order to take over an electric heater and optimize the increase in temperature inside your spa.

You only need to connect the heat pump and its relay will manage the electric heater initially integrated to the spa.

The O`Spa has a 7kw capacity and the unit measures 600 x 390 x 423mm.

  • Operates down to -7°
  • Reversible Hot/Cold
  • Automatic de-icing
  • Compatible with all spas
  • Control through a wifi connection – optional
  • Integrated pilot for an auxiliary circulation pump (relay option)

Heat Pump Warranty – 2 years

Compressor Warranty – 5 years

Titanium Coil Warranty – 10 years against corrosion

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