Welcome to the Next Generation of Hot Tubs from American Whirlpool

Four great brands are merging into one super brand. It follows the recent merger
between MAAX Spas and American Bath Group. Specialist hot tub and swim spa
distributor 1 Stop Spas is helping to roll out the new superbrand named American
Whirlpool. Vita Spas will remain Vita Spas but the following brands are merging to
form American Whirlpool:

  • LA Spas
  • Elite Spas
  • Maxx Spas Collection
  • California Cooperage

With superior design and build quality, choosing your hot tub just got a whole lot easier. We
only stock the best but with American Whirlpool hot tubs, we are now offering you the
chance to own what is globally known as one of the best hot tubs on the market today.
Making the best of design and hot tub technology, what benefits would an American
Whirlpool bring?

The Benefits of an American Whirlpool Hot Tub

As an established company of many successful brands, Maax Spas Corp have been designing
and building hot tubs and swim spas for many, many years and with a strong following in
America, their name will become synonymous across the world as a company with one
mission: to continually improve the design, renewing the next generation of hot tubs for
With multi jets and strong, plastic tubs, there is nothing wanting about these tubs. With a
range of sizes too, there is something sure to suit you and your budget. The backing of 1
Stop Spas also means they will raise their profile further and really stamp their authority
alongside other top brands like Marquis Spas.

But Choose an American Whirlpool Hot Tub/ Swim Spa?

There are many benefits to using a hot tub whether that is a one-off dip at a luxury spa or
hotel or regular use of your own;

  • Sleep better

The warm, bubbling water through controllable jets is perfect for helping your body and
mind to unfurl. This state of relaxation brings about a much calmer you and could be a great
solution if you have trouble sleeping.

  • Wave goodbye to stress and anxiety

Modern life is busy, unavoidably so. Taking the time and effort to look after yourself is key is
making sure you remain calm in an ever-busy world. An American Whirlpool hot tub from 1
Stop Spas is perfect for helping you cope with stress and anxiety. Affordable, without
compromising on design and quality, they can be covered to present a relaxing, shaded spot
or why not enjoy nature all around you as you soak your cares away.

  • Suitable for most people, of all ages

With adult supervision, an occasional dip in the hot tub is great for kids as it is for teenagers
to older people. Easy to keep clean, this range of hot tubs from this leading American
manufacturer is created in such a way that access is easy. Not only as they perfect for
quality ‘you’ time, people who suffer from aches and pains, from arthritis and other medical
conditions, can find the relief palpable (but always check with your doctor that this is the
right course of action).
There is a new superbrand in town but they are no virgin to the market. With five brands
worth of audience research and designs at their disposal you know when you buy through
American Whirlpool that you are buying quality.


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