All hot tub manufacturers and professionals recommend draining and refilling your spa 3-4 times per year. Not following these recommendations may lead to:

  • Unsanitary water conditions
  • Equipment deterioration
  • Potential voiding of warranty
  • Health problems.

Details of our Ultimate, Annual and Basic servicing packages are shown below, but we also offer:

Hot tub/swimspa maintenance programs draining and refill – From £99.00

Draining a hot tub can take up to three hours using its standard drain. We use special equipment to drain your hot tub water within minutes. The refilling time is dependent on your water pressure and size of your hot tub and can vary from 1 – 3 hours.

Cleaning and replacing filters

Depending on usage, filters should be cleaned up to two times per month and replaced twice a year – this will keep your spa performing properly and your water clean. 1 Stop Spas provide ongoing maintenance programs to come to your home and clean and replace filters. Contact us for more information and prices.

Cleaning and reconditioning Spa covers and pillows

Your spa pillows are above the waterline and capture water vapour. The water vapour contains bacteria and therefore the pillows need to be regularly cleaned with a sanitise that is non-abrasive and compatible with the pillow material. Covers are a necessary component of your Hot Tub and they are expensive to replace. To extend the life of your Hot Tub cover, regular cleaning and conditioning is needed. Care must be taken however to use the proper conditioning agents. Silicone based products are actually harmful and can accelerate cover deterioration. We use only products that are friendly to your cover and can make available cleaners and replacement covers for almost every make and model. Call us for more information and prices.

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