Water ID Incubator for 2 Dipslides

£522.59 Inc. Vat

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Product Overview

Water ID presents their Professional Dipslide Incubator . The definition of a dipslide is a means of testing the microbial content of liquids or surfaces. It consists of a plastic carrier bearing a sterile culture medium which can be dipped in the liquid or pressed onto the surface to be sampled. It is then incubated for 48 hours at a specific temperature to allow microbial growth. The resulting microbial colonies are estimated by reference to a chart. If the treatment program is effective, the dipslide count will be consistently low (<10 ). If a high result is obtained, the test should be repeated and the treatment program checked. Water-i.d.® dipslides for bacterial testing are provided as 10 dipslides in a box. 


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