Marquis V94L

Looking for something a bit more relaxing? Then our V94L is the right one for you. The tub comes with a full body lounger allowing you to

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£9,947.00 Inc. Vat

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Product Overview

Just like the V94, you can still enjoy the whitewater-4 jet to provide you with a volcanic eruption, however this time it is filled with relaxation and hydrotherapy. Once you have found the right setting using the VOLT and V3 system, check out the cosmic audio along the side of your tub. It features Bluetooth connectivity and surface mount speakers so you can lay back and enjoy your favourite songs or radio station.


A powerful feature that you will find as part of every Jetpod is the Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy (V-O-L-T) System. This is specially designed to deliver maximized flow volumes and significant hydrotherapy benefits. As well as this system, you can also find three different Jetpods, designed with different features. The Directional Jetpod provides a deep muscle massage by targeting precise locations. The Orbital Jetpods target a broad area with a rotating massage, which delivers a strong, paced flow. Last but not least, we have the Conal Jetpod which is beneficial for expanded skin surface areas, providing a more gentler massage.


The V3 (Variable Velocity Valves) is a seat flow-control throttle design that has been made to allow you to choose from 0% to 100% of pump flow to specific seats at any time – It is the perfect piece of technology for the control freaks out there! No matter what model you have, you can control the features of your hot tub. 


MicroSilk® has been around for a very long time, and has made a difference to a lot of people’s lives. It is designed to deliver thousands of tiny oxygen-rich microbubbles into your hot tub. Which then reaches deep into your pores and lifts away any impurities, leaving your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom! All the impurities that are drawn from the skin are then washed down the drain. 


After you have turned your hot tub into heaven, why not change your surroundings too? We have a range of custom Environments that are designed to provide you with the sophisticated surroundings that you deserve. Not only will we provide you with these Environments, but we will also build and fit them, so you don’t need to worry about a thing except making sure you have got the bottle of bubbly ready!