Marquis Spas V65L

Our fantastic Marquis V65L Vector 21 hot tub truly is a must have in your home. With 22 jet pods, it is perfect for not only chilling out

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£7,447.00 Inc. Vat

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Product Overview

You will find that the V65L is a compact hot tub, but don’t let that fool you. It still comes with a range of amazing features. It has 4 seats and 22 specialised jetpods that are designed to utilise the Variable Velocity Valves (V3). If you are one for trying out different settings, then it’s good to know that the V3 system allows you to have full control of the pump flow, meaning you can choose between 0% and 100%! 


Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy (V-O-L-T) System is within the hydrotherapy design of every Jetpod. This is a powerful performance feature which delivers maximized flow volumes and significant hydrotherapy benefits. This is different to laminar flow where there are no cross-currents perpendicular to the direction of flow, nor eddies or swirls of water.

Additionally the Jetpods are unique; Directional Jetpods provide deep muscle massage by targeting precise locations; Orbital Jetpods address a broad area with a rotating massage delivering a strong, paced flow…a true sensation of massage movement on the skin; Conal Jetpods benefit an expanded skin surface area with a gentler massage.


V3 channeling and V-O-L-T System flow design give Vector21 the most sophisticated hydrotherapy command and control capabilities of any in the galaxy of hot tubs.

V3 is a primary seat flow-control throttle design that allows you to choose 0% to 100% of pump flow to specific seats at any time. The V3 controls are located near the seats with the jets that are activated by that particular V3 Control. So it’s super simple to operate! 


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