A Guide to Choosing the Best Swimspa

You might not think choosing your Swim Spa is a big decision, but there are so many factors to think about. So, if you’re looking for a Swim Spa and need help making a decision, this is the place for you! In this blog we will go into detail about Swim Spas and how you […]

How To Fix A Cloudy Hot Tub

Cloudy, milky and foamy water are all common occurrences for hot tub owners. It is not recommended to use your hot tub when the water is cloudy or milky in appearance. In this blog, we’re going to explain the causes of cloudy water and how you can ensure your hot tub has crystal clear water […]

All About Our Hot Tub Showrooms

Here at 1 Stop Spas, we pride ourselves on our fantastic range of hot tubs that we have on offer on our website. And with our virtual hot tub consultants and site surveys, we really do provide our customers with the best online hot tub experience. However there’s nothing quite like taking a dip in […]

Benefits of Reconditioned Hot Tubs

There are a whole host of benefits that using a hot tub can provide, including but are not limited to, stress relief, lowering blood pressure, promoting better sleep, minimising joint pain and relaxing muscles. Investing in a hot tub is an investment into your long-term health. However, it is understandable that many higher-end hot tubs […]

Hot Tub Insurance

A hot tub or swim spa can be an expensive purchase and you may consider it to be one of your most valuable possessions. Fixed items in your garden such as patios, fences and sheds will fall under your buildings insurance, whereas movable items such as your hot tub will be covered by your contents […]

Top Tips For Hot Tub Installation

Step 1 – Choose Your Hot Tub  The first step in hot tub installation is choosing the right hot tub for your home. You can choose from our high-quality brands; American Whirlpool, Master Spas and Tuff Spas. You will then need to think about the type of tub you would like in regards to price, […]

Choosing The Right Hot Tub Heater Pump

If you are now the proud owner of a hot tub, then you may be wondering what the first steps should be. Well, knowing how you are going to heat your hot tub is a number one priority. The way you heat your hot tub does depend on the condition, efficiency and location, so you […]

Hot Tub Finance: What You Need to Know

Hot tubs are often seen as a luxury item that only those with big chunks of spare cash are able to afford – but this is far from the truth! With a number of finance options available across our range of hot tubs, swimspas, saunas and garden buildings, you can have the hot tub experience […]

10 Awesome Ideas for Hot Tub Enclosures

Are you sick of only being able to use your hot tub when the weather’s nice? (Which let’s be honest, the nice days are few and far between here in the UK). Fed up of debris clogging your pipes and causing damage to your hot tub? Or are you tired of your neighbours glancing over […]

What to Consider When Buying Hot Tub Filters

Filters are one of the most important components of your hot tub, ensuring that your water is clean, and ultimately safe to bathe in. By trapping contaminants and preventing them from entering the plumbing system, filters prevent your spa water from becoming clogged with bacteria, foul smells and excessive foam. Now we know that you […]


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